It’s time to start collaborating in real time – in the cloud

Cloud Services from Adkins Technologies give you the power to do so much more. Your employees will be able work in sync with each other by using the web to access documents files, applications, software programs, emails, and calendars. Doing business suddenly became a whole lot more efficient!

By using one unified system, anyone with access to your system will be able to share, edit, and publish documents, vastly improving communication, streamlining processes and giving you the ability to be far more responsive in your marketing efforts.

Even better, because Adkins Technologies host your cloud solutions for you, you’ll be free from expenses incurred by the purchase, operation and maintenance of servers, storage and software. Leave all that to us while you carry on running your business.

Cloud Services from Adkins Technologies are:

  • Comprehensive – we offer hosted desktop, hosted server and cloud network services
  • Flexible – the cloud knows no boundaries and lets you upscale or downsize in alignment with your business
  • Personalized – choose only the services your business needs
  • Mobile – your people can work from the office, another branch, their home or on the road
  • Cost-effective – dramatically reduce operating costs and future expenditures
  • Eco-friendly – lower your carbon footprint with more efficient use of technology

Talk to Adkins Technologies about our powerful Cloud Solutions today. You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can migrate your technology to the cloud!