** Attention CPA’s **

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Hosted QuickBooks Demo

Adkins Technologies provides the demo accounts below to help you understand the look and feel of our QuickBooks Anywhere offering. These demo accounts will help you see how the service works as well as test single- and multi-user access to a QuickBooks sample company file.

You may want to print this page to follow the directions more easily.

Please Note: These are demo accounts that have been distributed to multiple people. If you are suddenly logged out of the demo, it is because someone else logged in to the demo.

These accounts are for use only by those authorized directly by Adkins Technologies. All other use is prohibited.

Step-by-Step Instructions

If you do not have Windows XP please download and install Remote Desktop for older Windows machines.
For Mac OS X download Remote Desktop for Mac.

  1. If you have Windows XP Click on START then RUN
  2. Type mstsc and click OK
  3. Enter QuickBooks.ReDirectMe.Net and click CONNECT
  4. Click OK on the Legalese Notice
  5. Enter the username RNDEMOACCT
  6. Enter the pre-provided demo password (case sensitive)
  7. Click OK
  8. Double-click on the QuickBooks version you want
  9. Open a Sample Company file
  10. Enter Username ADMIN
  11. Leave the Password field blank, and click OK
  12. Explore QuickBooks as needed. Feel free to browse throughout, print reports, etc.
  13. When you are done, click the Start button on the desktop and click Log off
  14. Contact us with any questions at 949-480-8060 or place your order online

For multi-user testing, have someone on another PC follow the same steps.
Enter RNDEMOCLIENT as the second remote user.
Enter ADMIN2 as second QuickBooks user.