Alisa Osemwengie – Director of IT – $70 million + Denver Manufacturer

I really appreciate that Eric will always find many different solutions for any IT need. If he doesn’t know the right answer he will do as much research as necessary to find the best solutions, and he will fully explain the costs and benefits of the different options clearly at any level of technical knowledge, from fellow IT person up to CEO.

I’d be happy to recommend Adkins Technologies because it is hard to find people who care about doing a good job. Adkins truly cares about doing a great job, minimizing down time, finding cost effective solutions, and will always make it right even if there is a problem. Unlike a lot of other people who will take your money and just not care about the outcome or the business impact of downtime.

Alisa Osemwengie
Director of IT
$70 million + Denver Manufacturer

Diane Perhab – Secretary to Thomas P. Stabile

Since that time, we have used Adkins Technologies for all of our computer needs and have been quite pleased with their efforts. If anything goes wrong with the system, we just give Adkins Technologies a call and they take care of it. The remote access to our computers is especially convenient.

We would be more than happy to recommend Adkins Technologies to anyone who would ask us for a computer technician referral.

Diane Perhab
Secretary to Thomas P. Stabile

Russ Phillips – President – Vertex Coatings

Vertex Coatings started doing business with Adkins Technologies because I liked the way Eric presented himself at our first meeting together. He gave a very polished presentation and he was very professional. Since then, we have benefited from his constant updated knowledge of new and innovative ideas to better our company and our computer equipment.

I have recommended him and will continue to do so.

Russ Phillips
Vertex Coatings

Tim Stander – Manager – Adage Productions

The cloud is great! The remote access, ability to get onto what I need. I do quotes, so if it’s something that I’m taking home, I can work on new jobs at 10:30 at night, prepared for the next day.

It helps my efficiency. I get thousands of questions thrown at me each day so any focused computer is used quickly. I can even access it while on vacation, although I don’t.

If any technical issues come up on our older computers, the Adkins team is readily to help. They’re also very helpful in other things that we’re working on here. They are very knowledgeable on cost cutting measures.

Tim Stander
Adage Productions

Celica – Marketing – Champion Chiropractic

The cloud solution, or how I know it to be is a server, is convenient. I travel a lot with the doctor and anywhere I need to access files, I can log in and pull it up and print what I need.

All I need is the Internet. I need the laptop for presentations. I feel that my work is going to be safe. It’s backed up and I don’t ever have to worry about my computer crashing.

Champion Chiropractic

Jacqueline N. Ray – Vice President – Corporate Realty Advisors

The cloud has totally saved our lives! The cloud work environment is really good because it houses everything in one location. We don’t have to worry about having an in house server and if it’s going to crash! This technology allows us to be on the pulse of what’s going on and what’s going to happen. A quick example just from last week. We were having some difficulty. Adkins Technologies was able to see what was going to happen before it happened. It was completely avoided and prevented. Adkins Technologies told us what was going on and how they were going to fix it. We left office. Adkins Technologies logged on for about 1 hour and fixed whatever was wrong. It allowed us to continue working throughout the day, and the next day. We had zero downtime. It has worked miracles for us. One other thing, you can utilize the system from anywhere.

Adkins Technologies is awesome, too. My longest wait time for service ever was 5 minutes.

Jacqueline N. Ray
Vice President
Corporate Realty Advisors

Jocelyn Jackson – Director of Finance

After many years with one vendor, we recently engaged Adkins Technologies to manage our IT requirements and network.

We’ve worked closely with Eric Adkins to make the shift in vendors and were impressed with how seamlessly the conversion went. Eric discovered many patches and work-arounds that were installed and brought order and consistency to our network. He and his team have been tremendously responsive whenever we have a question or issue.

When working with other vendors such as AT&T or Verizon Wireless, Eric and his team also provide timely and skilled support. On many occasions, they helped ease the coordination of PDA, PC, Printer, and other hardware interface requirements with our IT network.

We appreciate and would recommend Adkins Technologies to any business requiring IT expertise, excellent customer service attitudes and prompt response times.

Jocelyn Jackson
Director of Finance