IT Consulting: Focus on Results

Looking for a consulting firm that leverages technology to provide you with the best business performance. We have expert consultants who will work one on one with your team to discover the best goals for your business. Our company will examine your core business processes and current information system capabilities.When we give you a thorough IT assessment, we will work to simplify your technology environment and find cost effective solutions that provide you with a reliable IT infrastructure. Looking to grow your business and achieve superior results that will guarantee the edge over your competition? When we give a consultation, we leave our customers informed so that they can make the best choice. In addition, we will look at your budget to determine the solutions that will meet your needs.

After we have assessed your needs and defined your IT requirements, we will look at your current business challenges, risks, issues and gaps and we will find a scalable solution that will allow your business to accelerate and grow faster. When we look at your systems, we evaluate it from both an IT and business perspective, and we will find a road map that can help you outsource your solutions so that you can accomplish more with less. Reduce your overall costs and secure the competitive edge. For further information, call our Denver IT company today. We can help!

What Do You Do to Build Your IT Structure?
About 30 years ago, you could proudly run a business with handwritten receipts and not accept credit cards. The truth of today is that businesses cannot exist that way. You cannot operate a business without technology unless you want the competition to leave you in the dust. Not only does it fail in efficiency, technology has been known to give customers the best customer service, and you have a great deal of customers who rely on it.Each company will have a baseline for the foundation of IT that they will have to build upon. What is the good news? If you only plan to have the baseline, the technology exists as the same across almost all industries. That means that establishing a basic foundation should not prove difficult. When you think of baseline technology, consider it the plumbing of your house. It operates unseen, but it proves vital to keeping up with your daily needs.

What does baseline technology include? It includes: security, networking, servers, cabling, printing and imaging, your user devices and core software. When you think of baseline technology, however, keep in mind that it is not a one-timesolution. Your average office technology will last between three to five years, and after that, you will have to replace it. With a skilled IT professional, you can learn more about building up your office technology into a valuable asset for your business.

How the Cloud Reinvents Law Practice

Ever thought the traditional IT setup was your only option for a law practice? When you look at the hassle and cost of buying software and hardware and the ongoing need for maintenance, wouldn’t it be great if a better option flew through the window of opportunity? That is what the Cloud can do for you.First, the Cloud-based Quickbooks can save your staff trouble with time and money. With this system, it becomes easier to bill your clients with accuracy and at the right time. In addition, you cut down on the turnover rate of your employees. Some businesses understandably feel concerned about keeping their business in the Cloud. While there are security risks, even having your own servers does not provide 100 percent security. Instead of paying $35,000 for a server and trying to find the space for it, you can use backup files and other things.

What makes the Cloud a wonderful technology? First, your clients will receive the benefits of real-time revisions. For example, instead of having to look at the same information multiple times, it can be done in a single sitting, which is going to lead to savings in time. In addition, transferring your servers to the Cloud will save your law firm in upfront expenses. If you are looking for a logical method to open a law firm as a startup, this is a great way to do it without investing a great deal of cash.

The Cloud Crashes: What Now?
Regardless of the size of your Cloud, every Cloud solution will experience downtime, but we have a difference between planned downtime and unplanned downtime. Unplanned downtime is known as an outage. Before signing up with a Cloud provider, look at their standard terms to see how much planned downtime they will have. It is a part of every provider, and if they go above a certain number, in some cases, you can get a refund. In most cases, planned outages will see customers warned a week in advance.If your Cloud services have crashed, understand that you can follow a couple steps to understand the depth of the problem. For example, can you access websites from your location? If yes, then the problem could exist with your Internet service. If the answer is no, then it exists solely with your location. Look at the Cloud service to decide if it is slow or downed entirely.

In some cases, a Cloud service could be running but too slowly. If this happens, you should contact your Cloud service provider. Ask them if they can give an estimate on when they will return the services. However, you do not want to call them too many times because this will interfere with them resolving the problem. Once your service has been returned online, ask the provider about what happened. While they may not have a reason, it is always good to ask.

When you are looking for a top quality IT Services company, give us a call.  We have been doing IT Consulting in Denver for years and have experience with companies with just a few employees up to managing IT departments for companies of 500 people.